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2022 Spring Ultimate Flag Football

Flag football with a twist... players wear helmets and shoulder pads.

The addition of traditional football equipment allows kids to prepare and transition to tackle football in the future. This equipment also addresses the potential head injuries associated with flag football. Early Registration will be calculated at check out.

We will try to honor team request. Please put the team request in the comment section.

We will be playing against teams from Ashburn, Sterling, and Leesburg.

Contact for team discounts for full teams before registration.

No refunds after first practice

Getting Help

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Ashburn Youth Football League started play in 2000, and has continued to evolve into one of the premier youth leagues in the state of Virginia.  The organization is comprised of four football divisions, A8 (8th graders) A7 (7th graders), B (5th and 6th graders), C (3rd and 4th graders) and D which contains kids ages 5, 6 and 7 who participate in a tackle program that is a purely developmental league designed to teach the basics of tackle football and prepare the youth for the more competitive A, B and C divisions and beyond.  This holds true for our Ultimate Flag Program as well except the 8th and 7th graders are typically combined into a single A division.

Things to Know Before Registering for 2020 Fall Ultimate Flag Football

What is Ultimate Flag?

      Ultimate Flag Football is the first and only flag football format in Northern Virginia that incorporates the use of helmets and shoulder pads. Like the pros’ OTA’s, players are in “shells” and are able to work on true football fundamentals and techniques, without the normal stress to the body of traditional football. Ultimate Flag is the most advanced flag football experience in Northern Virginia. Ultimate Flag incorporates many of fundamentals and techniques of traditional football without tackling.

Benefits of Ultimate Flag

    Learn true football techniques and skills that can be carried forward to tackle season

    Great transition for players exploring tackle football

    Get used to the speed of the game in a controlled setting

    No weight limits for ball carrier eligibility


For this season, all players will be REQUIRED to have the following.

AYFL provided helmet shields on their helmets at all times
Individual water bottle - cannot be shared and MUST have their name on it.
Black shorts with no pockets 

Football gloves (highly recommended)

AYFL is a 501c3 (not for profit) youth sports league created for the children of Ashburn, Virginia and the surrounding areas. AYFL exists to promote youth football and is intended to be an instructional league that places an emphasis on the sound development of players and fundamentals of football, and strives to be a league that will inspire our youth to develop life skills of sportsmanship, character and teamwork.

EIN:  46-5668608

League Website:

League Address:    P.O. Box 634 Ashburn, VA 20146-0634